Friday, June 25, 2010

Behind The Scene Of tailor-made Special Occasion Dresses

Behind The Scene Of Dress-Making
Whether you choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements, all our dresses and tuxedos/dress suits are personally tailored for you from scratch. We treat each dress with special care and dedication, therefore the time required to make each type of dress differs. Below you can see each carefully taken step in the creation of your dress!
1 Order Confirmation
Once your order is complete, your order information will be sent to tailors, and the making of your dress now begins!
2 Designing
After reviewing your order, our dress-makers will begin the designing process. Model making is the first true step toward custom tailoring your dress.
3 Materializing
Dress-makers will then spend time to carefully pick out the materials your dress will be made with.
4 Tailoring
Once everything is decided, the dress-makers will start tailoring your dress according to your specified requests.
5 Sewing
Your dress is sewn together by professional tailors.
6 Embroidering
Each dress is carefully sewed according to the type of design. Different types of dresses will have different types of embroidery; the time to finish varies as well.
7 Final Touches
Finally, the dress-makers will finish up with the little touches.
8 Quality Control
The dress-makers will examine the dress to see if it's what you ordered.
9 Back To Us
The finished dress will be shipped back to Eveningdressol, before being shipped out.
10 Last Say will examine the finished dress again before shipping it out, checking with your order to make sure it is just the way you want it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wedding dress cultural in China

Wedding Dress designer told us: for women the three most beautiful in her life time. The first is when the bride, and the second is when the mother, the third is that when mother in low. But a woman should be treasured. The first bride, so that only the next generation, so this wedding should be wearing a wedding day to be kept after the transfer of reservations. Love is not a lease, the wedding is the witness of love and inheritance. Contains bits and pieces we have a family, a girl become a mother, so we will cherish the old. I would like to use a single designer or a cultural point of view to alert the family a very good memory.
We are now wealthy and powerful China will bid farewell to the era of rental wedding, each bride will be tailor-made for their own wedding dresses, they will be careful this wedding dress preservation, in addition to their own heritage as a memorial to future generations than would children, so that their descendants have a link with the ancestors of the bridge, in our view a very good way of inheritance.
In people's minds in the wedding is white, in the West in the marriage will buy one of their own wedding dress gown. European nobles in the past is wearing white, also trimmed with lace, civilians would not wear. Victorian era in Europe when she was wearing a white wedding dresses with Lace, it is a very pure white color represented. In our concept the bride is very pure, it was touted on the palm. Oriental more thing, there are three sets of bride dresses, because we like to have a dinner at the hotel with friends and family to carry out a wedding feast, so at the wedding in a white silk dress is going out from the house. There are toast dress, mostly red, in the eyes of Asians is very joyful, very happy, very happy married her husband, and now there are many shades of color will allow the bride to choose. Some girls like purple, we know that respect for the bride is very romantic woman. Also like pink, beige, and we know that the bride is very simple, very delicate, in order for your home. There are like dark blue or dark color is also highly individual. The third set of dress is see a visitor dress, showing the enthusiasm of the family, you can choose the luxurious atmosphere dress, pay attention to texture, because then a new bride on behalf of the family.
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