Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wedding "natural" style

"Now shoot wedding photos, if less natural location can be a shame." Wonderful to be married to the small side, smiling just to get the album going through the side of the Xiao Bian said. Wonderful shot Hanayome small wedding dress gown location all spent a total of less than 6,000 yuan, location in a forest park and some of the old house Virtual thirties, very European and there the wedding atmosphere.
Xiao Bian now found more and more new people began to care about the photo shoot is put together a wedding bridal dress. The new one is more popular now that there are characteristics of location, natural landscape, building and all other European locations are usually not their favorite.
Park is the most commonly chosen wedding venue location studio, the major parks are Shanghai studio fancy as their location to. Hanayome wedding photography has recently launched "close to nature" wedding location, as long as the choice for more than 1888 yuan Department of wedding photography can be set for location shooting, a thirties European landscape house, have a natural location, green walls, a small bridge and other bonuses Liulv creativity recent introduction of super-wide location of the wedding photography, respect Ronggui Bin type to enjoy, one to one shot, make-up service, a full day of individual creative shooting, all included in the 5600 yuan, the Hanayome wedding photography staff is now also a special presentation The most popular "Crystal" clear makeup fashion: everyone is different, let the bride shed their own style of course, naturalization, and in the location of nature, the more light through, so make-up must be true, so as to reflect the beauty and the beauty of the outdoor. In terms of the general to the effect of nature on location are pretty good, new in the natural environment more natural, and then help photographers capture the inspiration for a lifetime ......, Xiao Bian incredibly Oh but envy.
If you are shy, then select Virtual indoor shooting within the film, is no better, and now launching a - sun, beach, breeze, beauty, background, wearing a wedding dress of your feelings than flying, with the sea breeze, seagull to fantasy, film, photos, for video conferencing? の? faster than, Wow! Was beautiful, because no others, and some new faces naturally humorous, exaggerated and have some new innovative ideas and everything in between, she could play any, but the real degree of indoor location to reach 99.999%. Then came the emperor's back garden, where a quiet lane just towards the distance, the flowers never expand Xie transfer to, KISS A, Kacha, always keep a good moment.
Wedding shapes within the area, dress area, VIP lounge areas, and Virtual Studios. Virtual studio now can avoid the trouble of traveling to photograph visitors interference-free environment, and no longer plagued season, Hanayome features antique European-style living room hall and wedding photography in the line can be considered a classic of the Department. In addition, there are some lovely props, so Xiaobian ring and also love the big eyes.
In any case, now please keep in mind: what's hot in the wind now? Natural wind! ! ! ! Closely follow the popular wind, you are fashion pioneer!
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